CCTV Forensics

CCTV Forensics

CCTV forensics involves use of both still and moving images from a system with one or more cameras linked to it for a CCTV system. The expert will gather as much video as they can from as many CCTV systems or cameras during the time period of interest.

The expert will compile the relevant film for presentation along with a report and statement after reviewing all of the available footage. From one or more CCTV systems, they will extract particular details about the inquiry as well as times and dates. Both the prosecution and the defence can use this evidence to demonstrate the actual sequence of events in a case.

The forensic analysis of CCTV footage can help identify people, cars, the time of day, and even establish a timeline for a series of occurrences. Our experts will use specialized software, equipment, and recovery techniques to reconstruct the video clip while ensuring that it stays true to the original material.

Our experts are experienced to giving testimony in court and are regularly called as expert witnesses.


Our CCTV Forensic services include-

•    Identification of personal vehicles or vehicle identification number
•    The process of establishing the chronology (date-time stamp) for a series of incidents
•    Video extraction from CCTV footage for analysis
•    CCTV footage authentication
•    Removing the image from the CCTV footage for analysis

We offer a full range of Forensic services through digital media and professional computer forensics services to lawyers, companies, and clients throughout the world. We have one of the best experts here, who have specialized in digital forensics, computer forensics, and mobile forensics. At Haw Eye Forensic we work on various hardware and software tools for the recovery of data. Our reports are court acceptable under section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act, we also provide 65B certificate admissibility of electronic evidence of IEA.

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