Case consultation

Case consultation

The goal of Hawk Eye Forensic Consultants is to offer unbiased, scientifically valid forensic consultation to all members of the legal community, whether they are on the side of the prosecution or the defense in a criminal or civil case. Through active conversation, a strong commitment, and quick service, our organisation will look for, analyze, and offer solutions to our clients various needs.

Established in 2016, we are an ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 10002: 2018 certified company which offers full range of quality forensic services to criminal justice system. We have built a reputation of providing quality forensic analysis to prosecutors, defense attorneys, laboratories, law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, civil litigators, private security agencies, and many individuals globally.

Hawk Eye Forensic professionals have years of experience managing, analysing, and offering expert interpretation of forensic techniques. We provide our clients with reliable answers and expert lay testimony for even the most difficult forensic challenges. In addition, the company offers pre-inspection services to laboratories applying for accreditation, training to law enforcement authorities, and expert witness testimony all around the world.
We are aware of the genuine ability of forensic analysis as well as the truth underneath old misconceptions. To assist in addressing all of your inquiries regarding forensic evidence, we will offer significant, unbiased information.


Our case consultation services include:

•    Analysis of all evidence types, including, in the field of digital forensic, computer forensic, mobile forensic, fingerprint examination & questioned document examination, and audio/video authentication.
•    Review of available data, including chain of custody documents, the qualifications and experience of the forensic analysts, the validity of the analytical and quality control procedures used, the accuracy of the results, and the validity of the conclusions reached.
•    Advise on possible approaches available in light of the forensic evidence, including possible retesting of the evidence, questions to present to the opposing experts, and flaws in the evidence.

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