Fingerprint Analysis

Fingerprint Analysis

We are an authorized and an ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 10002: 2018 certified forensic company which offers a full range of quality forensic science services to the criminal justice system. We have our office in Noida, UP India. We have the best handwriting expert, Deepak R. Handa Retd. Principal Scientific Officer CFSL, CBI New Delhi. He has an experience of more than 39 years of experience in the field of handwriting examination.

In the field of crime scene investigation, fingerprints are the most important form of evidence for identifying a specific person. Fingerprint evidence is frequently utilized in both civil and criminal trials, where it can be found on documents such as wills, bank documents, affidavits, tools or weapons, door knobs, and primarily in theft cases.

Latent fingerprints are those that are completely invisible to the human eye and are left at the site of a crime, according to forensic science, optical, physical, and chemical methods are needed to detect such latent fingerprints. A crucial component of gathering evidence is identifying latent fingerprints, and forensic fingerprint experts are experienced in collecting prints from crime scenes. The primary purpose of developing latent fingerprints is to make them visible so as to preserve them and compare them with the fingerprints of suspects, who are believed to be involved in that particular criminal act.


The common uses of fingerprints evidence include:

•    Fingerprint identification and enhancement.
•    Recovery and preservation of fingerprint evidence from the scene of the crime.
•    Fingerprint examination and comparison through various chemical and digital techniques.
•    Fingerprint expert witness assistance to the courts
•    Examination and verification of fingerprints as well as thumb impressions on property papers, wills, affidavits, certificates, etc

Hawk Eye Forensic lab can assist you in translating the information into useful facts by delivering expert reports that are both clear and acceptable in court. Our experts have testified in local, state, and federal courts worldwide.

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