Fingerprint Comparison

Fingerprint Comparison

We provide fingerprint comparison services to determine the uniqueness of a disputed or questionable fingerprint. The comparison of fingerprints is done in a variety of situations, such as when a fingerprint is found on a will, bank document, affidavit, etc. With the aid of extremely advanced materials, it is done using a one-to-one comparison of both clearly visible and partially smudged fingerprints.

We are an authorized and an ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 10002: 2018 certified forensic company which offers a full range of quality forensic science services to the criminal justice system. We have our office in Noida, UP India. We have the best handwriting expert, Deepak R. Handa Retd. Principal Scientific Officer CFSL, CBI New Delhi. He has an experience of more than 39 years of experience in the field of handwriting examination.

We are a team of professional and certified forensic fingerprint experts, who can make the comparison of two fingerprints on any document or on any surface. We can assist you in the comparison of two or more fingerprints and can let you know whether it is of the same finger or two different fingers. Our specialized team of fingerprint experts in India can do fingerprint comparisons of the latent prints lifted from the scene of the crime. We use the latest technology for fingerprint comparison cases in worldwide.


Services our organization provides

•    Fingerprint examination and comparison through various chemical and digital techniques.
•    Fingerprint expert witness assistance to the courts
•    Document forgery
•    Power of attorney
•    Anonymous letters

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