Forensic Data Wiping

Forensic Data Wiping

When getting rid of or reusing outdated digital equipment, one of the biggest concerns for computer users and many businesses is data security, confidentiality, or privacy. When you sell, give away, or discard your outdated PC or hard drives, your company information or private documents could easily end up in the wrong hands.  Deleting files or formatting drive is not enough to irrevocably erase your data. Hawk Eye offers secure data wiping services in your own secure premises. Non-physical sanitization is data wiping with professional erasure software that overwrites the entire hard-drive with random data until it is considered irretrievable. It is considered environment friendly and allows digital devices to be reused, resold or donated, we provide both options to our clients.
Our company has been providing forensic data wiping services to banks, public and private enterprises, companies, and worldwide.


Types of fires we investigate include:

We offer a full range of Forensic services to lawyers, courts, companies, and clients throughout the world. We have one of the best experts here, who have specialized in various fields of investigation services. Our reports are court acceptable under section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act.

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