Mobile Forensics

Mobile Forensics

Mobile forensics is the branch of digital forensics or forensic science dealing with data acquisition from mobile phones or similar electronic devices like tablets, personal digital Assistant (PDA), or handheld PC and GPS devices for investigation purposes. We recover data from digital evidence (Mobile Phones, SIM cards, Memory cards) under forensically sound conditions for further Examinations.

We have authorized ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 10002: 2018 certified forensic company which offers a full range of quality forensic science services to the criminal justice system.
We have most seasoned professionals who have decades of experience and are confident of providing you the maximum recovery success rate in case of data loss from your mobile phones due to logical or physical damage.


We offer recovery of:

•    Forensic Data Extraction from Mobile / Smart Phones, PDAs, GPS navigation devices, etc.
•    Recovery of deleted data from Mobile Phones, SIM cards, Memory Card, etc.
•    Acquiring and analysing suspected information in mobile devices and smartphones
•    Data Acquisition and analysis of Phones, SIM Cards and Memory Cards containing information such as Text Messages, MMS, Call logs, Phonebook, Location Information, Subscriber & equipment identifiers, Picture Images, Video Files, Audio Files, Multimedia Messages, Emails, Web Browsing Activities, Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentation Files, User-created Files or Folders, etc.

At Haw Eye Forensic we work on various hardware and software tools for the recovery of data. Our reports are court acceptable under section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act, we also provide 65B certificate admissibility of electronic evidence of IEA. Our experts have testified in local, state, and federal courts worldwide.

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