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Property Fire Examination

The quick oxidation process that results in the evolution of heat and light is known as fire. Due to broken appliances, electrical problems, space heaters, old wiring, and other intentional or unintentional causes. Our organization offers a number of services to resolve fire-related incidents in factories, plants, commercial buildings, homes, etc.

At Hawk Eye, we have the expertise and experience to assist with any fire investigation. Investigating a fire involving, an industrial or commercial plant requires specialist skills and experience. Hawk Eye has the expertise and skills to understand the issues relating to such fires as well as the necessary forensic investigative knowledge.


Investigation services include:

•    Collection of fire debris
•    Chemical examination of volatile evidence collected from the incident scene
•    Analysis of the condition of windows and doors during the incidence
•    Thorough examination of the entire incident site
•    Establishing the order in which events occurred during the incident
•    Complex products are examined to determine whether they contribute to fires.
•    Detection of several possible sources of the fire
•    Analysis of the fire behaviour
•    Spotting any irregularities in the fire pattern
•    Identifying defective equipment and its contribution to fire cause
•    Determining the cause and extent of the fire,
•    Detailed inspection of any scorched or burned areas of the event site
•    Analysis of electrical malfunctioning or failure
•    Evaluation of possible ignition sources
•    Estimating the level of human involvement
•    Examination of any machinery, chemicals, or other questionable objects at the scene of the incident
•    Identification of any explosives

We offer a full range of Forensic services to lawyers, courts, companies, and clients throughout the world. We have one of the best experts here, who have specialized in various fields of investigation services. Our reports are court acceptable under section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act.

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