Signature Verification

Signature Verification

Signatures are unique to every individual, just like their fingerprint. Signatures are widely used means of personal identification and verification of a person. A signature is a symbolic representation of consent to accept the signed document. With the intent of personal, professional, monetary, or other goals, a person may commit forgery by
copying someone’s signature and using it wrongly. Some common examples of a signature include bank checks, agreements, contracts, and other documents.
Selecting a qualified document examiner or handwriting analyst who is trained, certified, court-acceptable, and skilled with the most recent forensic examination techniques is one of the most crucial tasks. Selecting the appropriate handwriting analyst or forensic document expert is crucial if your case involves a court, police investigation, or
legal issue. If you don't, there is a potential that it may negatively affect your case. Strong expert testimony will help you win your case and prevent time and money waste. We are an authorized and an ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 10002: 2018 certified forensic company which offers a full range of quality forensic science services to the criminal justice system. We have our office in Noida, UP India. We have the best handwriting expert, Deepak R.

Handa Retd. Principal Scientific Officer CFSL, CBI New Delhi. He has an experience of more than 39 years of experience in the field of Signature examination. We provide various Forensic Science services including- Forensic Expert Opinions under Section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act on Questioned Document & Handwriting examination and Signature  examination.

We are working for many years for many corporate and individual clientslike- Banks, Insurance Industries, Software Companies, Education Sector, etc.


Services our organization provides

  1. Examination of a signature on documents like wills, receipts,
  2. agreements, contracts, letters, etc.
  3. Comparison between the genuine and disputed signatures
  4. Signature fraud examinations like traced, disguised, freehand, guided forgery, and electronic transplanted signature

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