Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

By managing and implementing new apps, platforms, and technologies, our technology advisory services will assist in changing your company. We will work with you to choose the best mix of strategies for your firm from the current and foreseeable options.

  • We consult in a variety of fields, including software development, hardware installations, comparison of information security products, characterization of information systems architecture, examination of the effectiveness of existing IT networks, hardness test, writing tenders, and more. Our services also support an organization's digital transition. In today's business world, the organization's core activity is based on computer systems. This activity is based on a combination of information systems, information security systems, databases, user interfaces, communications, and more.

  • To meet the challenge, we invest in human capital. Our experts are talented in a variety of technological fields and are certified by the best-of-breed manufacturers. Many of them bring years of experience from the industry and the IDF.

    Technological consulting also supports innovation processes in the organization. Digital transformation maximizes investments in technology fields, such as analytics, on-premises and cloud services, AI, ERP, BCP, and more. In today's business environment, technological innovation is the key to business development and increased organization revenue.

    Hawkeye Forensic's technology consulting services can contribute to improving the existing computing infrastructure, stimulating innovation, and ultimately contributing to the organization's revenue.

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