Video Authentication

Video Authentication

Video authentication forensics is a type of forensic science that focuses on the careful analysis of video recordings. After a recording is collected, forensic video experts run it through a number of analysis to make it easier to understand. To identify suspects or validate eyewitness testimony, our video forensic services may involve enhancing visuals, stabilizing the video, and combining or isolating camera footage. As a result, our clients receive the best video forensic services available from recognized experts. In every type of legal process, from civil cases to criminal investigations, video forensic evidence is crucial. We offer video authentication services to assist in verifying whether a video has been edited. If the chain of custody cannot be properly established, our forensic video experts thoroughly examine the recording to look for signs of alteration. Any indication of tampering renders the video non-camera original and inadmissible for evidence in court. Hawk Eye Forensics is a team of investigators and experts specializing in digital media forensics. We work with attorneys, law enforcement, and the government to process legal cases and perform video forensic services.


Our forensic video authentication services:

•    Enhancement of video recordings
•    Extraction of video evidence from CCTV footage
•    Authentication of CCTV footage
•    Verification of video recording of sting operations
•    Checking for the presence of any tampering in the video recording
•    Checking for any addition or deletion from the original file
•    Checking for any manipulations or doctoring in the video recordings

Hawk Eye Forensic lab can assist you in translating the information into useful facts by delivering expert reports that are both clear and acceptable in court and our reports are also court acceptable under section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act and we provide 65B certificate admissibility of electronic evidence of IEA. Our experts have testified in local, state, and federal courts worldwide.

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