Video Enhancement

Video Enhancement

Forensic video enhancement is the process of clarifying digital images used as evidence.  We enhance all forms of digital video including CCTV systems, cell phones and dash cam videos. Our certified audio video forensic analysts are experts in revealing minute details. We combine the latest software with proven science so you can prevail at trial.
Forensic video enhancement is the scientific method applied by a qualified expert to clarify a recording while preserving integrity for courtroom use. The success of digital video enhancement services is directly dependent on the methods applied by the expert, as well as the original quality of the recording. Video quality is determined by its compression rate, spatial resolution, and frame rate (frames per second). As CCTV surveillance systems record more and more video evidence, our most popular video enhancement services include improving security camera footage and audio and video enhancement.
At Hawk Eye Forensics, we can enhance surveillance video and other footage types for legal purposes. Our forensic video enhancement services cover a range of procedures. Depending on the image quality and area of desired enhancement, we use various software and hardware tools. Our video enhancement experts may apply these methods to enhance your recordings.


Our forensic video enhancement services:

•    Enhancement and clarification of digital video files
•    Identification of Subject /Vehicle /Object - Identifiers and comparison analysis
•    Stabilization - Reduction of camera shake from handheld recording
•    Produce high resolution video from a series of video frames

Hawk Eye Forensic lab can assist you in translating the information into useful facts by delivering expert reports that are both clear and acceptable in court and our reports are also court acceptable under section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act and we provide 65B certificate admissibility of electronic evidence of IEA. Our experts have testified in local, state, and federal courts worldwide.

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