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todaySeptember 14, 2023

Document Analysis KANCHAN DOGRA

Artificial Intelligence in Document Analysis: How Artificial Intelligence Enhances Accuracy and Efficiency

Introduction The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of forensic science ushered in a new era of accuracy as well as effectiveness in the examination of questioned documents. AI is transforming the way experts evaluate and authenticate documents through machine learning and advanced algorithms. This blog focuses on the groundbreaking [...]

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Certified Cyber Forensic Examiner

September 1, 2023my_locationHawk Eye Forensic Noida

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Date September 1, 2023 H 12:00
End September 30, 2023 H 03:00
Location Hawk Eye Forensic Noida
Address C 38 Second Floor, Sector 65 Noida
Phone +91 92894 59589, +91 97188 88589
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About the event


  1. Provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of cyber forensic principles, methodologies, and best practices.
  2. Equip participants with the technical/practical skills and tools required to effectively collect, analyze, and interpret digital evidence.
  3. Enhance participants’ knowledge of legal and ethical considerations in cyber forensic investigations.
  4. Foster critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in real-world cyber forensic scenarios.

Program Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Cyber Forensics

  • Overview of cyber forensic principles, scope, and challenges.
  • How to start a career if you are new to the field?
  • Desired Vendor Neutral Certifications & Vendor Specific by Big 4 companies for top-notch career.
  • How to search for jobs in Cyber Forensics using LinkedIn, Indeed and other platforms.
  • Importance of LinkedIn in making a career.
  • Where to find good resources to always sound technically updated.

Module 2: Digital Evidence Collection, Preservation and Investigation Process

  • Techniques and methodologies for acquiring, preserving, and securing digital evidence.
  • Best practices for maintaining the integrity and chain of custody of digital evidence.
  • Hands-on exercises in evidence collection from various sources, including computers, mobile devices, and cloud platforms.

Module 3: Mobile Device Forensics

  • Overview of mobile device forensics and its importance in modern investigations.
  • Extraction and analysis of data from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
  • Understanding mobile app security and forensic challenges associated with mobile platforms.

Module 4: Computer Forensics

  • Overview of Computer forensics and its importance in modern investigations.
  • Extraction and analysis of data from Laptops, Computers, HDD, SSD and PDAs.
  • Acquire practical skills in conducting computer forensic investigations.

Module 5: Courtroom Presentation and Expert Testimony

  • Techniques for presenting digital evidence in a courtroom setting.
  • Preparing comprehensive reports and expert testimony.
  • Understanding the legal requirements and challenges associated with presenting cyber forensic findings.

Why with Hawk Eye Forensic

  • Learn at a Highly Equipped Forensic Lab with many licensed tools under one roof
  • We have CHFI Certified Trainer along with CEI Certified EC COUNCIL INSTRUCTOR
  • Career Guidance from start to finish from certified industry professionals.
  • Live exposure with ongoing cases.
  • We provide hands on practical training on industrial tools which is used by Law Enforcement agency and private firms such as FARADAY BAG, WRITE BLOCKER, MSAB XRY, CELLEBRITE UFED, FTK, OPENTEXT ENCASE FORENSIC, MAGNET AXIOM, OS FORENSIC, MOBILEDIT FORENSIC EXPRESS PRO, TABLEAU TX1.

Who Should Attend?

This certification program is designed for all IT professionals involved with information system security, computer forensics, and incident response.

  • Police and other law enforcement personal
  • Defence and Security personal
  • Forensic Science students and professional
  • Legal professional
  • Banking, Insurance, and other professionals
  • Government agencies
  • IT Managers
  • Digital Forensic Service Providers

The proposed Cyber Forensic Training Program by Hawk Eye Forensic in association with you/company is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of cyber forensic investigations. Through a comprehensive curriculum, practical exercises, and exposure to industry-leading tools, participants will gain hands-on experience in collecting, analyzing, and presenting digital evidence. This training program will empower participants to combat cybercrime effectively and contribute to the cyber forensic ecosystem.

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