Image/Video Forensic

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With the goal of examining visual content to extract important information, confirm authenticity, spot alterations, or provide evidence for legal and investigative purposes, Hawk Eye Forensic provides thorough image and video forensic services.

Key aspects of our Computer Forensic Services include:

  • Enhancement & forensic analysis: In the field of forensic investigation, enhancement and forensic analysis of photos and videos require specialized techniques to extract and examine important information, verify content authenticity, and find any possible changes or manipulations.
  • Issuing of certification U/S 65B of IEA: Electronic evidence, including photos and videos, must be certified in accordance with Section 65B of the Indian Evidence Act (IEA) in order for it to be admitted in Indian court proceedings. The authenticity and compliance of the evidence with legal requirements are guaranteed by this certification procedure.
  • Metadata Analysis: Metadata analysis in image/video forensics involves examining the embedded information within visual content, such as images or videos, to gather valuable insights and evidence. Metadata can contain a variety of details such as timestamps, GPS coordinates, device information, and editing history, all of which provide critical context for forensic analysis.
  • Forensic authenticity verification report: A Forensic Authenticity Verification Report for Image/Video Forensic Examination serves as a comprehensive document detailing the analysis, findings, and conclusions regarding the authenticity and integrity of visual content. This report is crucial for legal and investigative purposes, outlining the methodologies used and the expert opinions derived from the examination.
  • Expert witness testimony: Image/Video Expert Witness Testimony Forensic examination entails presenting specialized knowledge and findings concerning the analysis, authentication, and integrity of visual content. When acting as an expert witness, the professional gives testimony and explanations to help the court or legal proceedings understand technical aspects of visual evidence.
  • Legal consultation: Legal consultation in Image/Video Forensic Examination involves providing expert guidance and analysis of visual content within the legal context.
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