Theft Investigation

Theft Investigation

As you might have imagined, the word "theft investigations" refers to a broad category with numerous potential outcomes. Many theft-related questions are asked of us. Because there are simply too many options and not enough time, in this case, we will only touch upon a few. Although the approaches taken to answer the problems can differ, the fundamental inquiries always stay the same. We have many tools at our disposal when conducting theft investigations. Each matter is unique and may require a multifaceted approach.


Our Theft Investigation services include:

•    Theft of money
•    Theft of physical property
•    Theft of inventory
•    Theft of intellectual property
•    Theft of time
•    Theft of services

At Hawk Eye, we offer a full range of Forensic services to lawyers, courts, companies, and clients throughout the world. We have one of the best experts here, who have specialized in various fields of investigation services. Our reports are court acceptable under section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act.

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